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National Speech-Language Pathologist Day: Finnegan’s Story

In 2022, after his parents began to notice a stutter in his speech, Finnegan went to Nemours Orlando Outpatient Therapy Services to seek help. It was then that his speech therapist discovered that Finnegan had a disfluency. They recommended he work with Michelle Bartlett, SLP as that is her area of expertise. “Michelle has consistently approached every session with passion and care.  She truly wants Finnegan to succeed,” says Lauren. During his first episode of care with Michelle, Finnegan struggled to make progress. However, once Finnegan started his second episode of care, “It seemed like a light bulb sort of went off for him,” says Lauren. “All of a sudden, he really started to use the tools that he and Michelle would practice.” “They made his sessions so fun for him,” says Lauren. “Whatever he was interested in that week, whether it was Cars or PJ Masks or Lion King, […]

Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month: Gray’s Story

Two days after his birth, Gray started having gastrointestinal complications. It was found that his lower intestine was in a knot and his meconium was so compacted, the surgeons’ tool couldn’t clear it out. Gray was immediately admitted to the NICU and taken in for emergency surgery, before his mother was even discharged from the hospital. Six days after he was born, “We ended up getting a call from Nemours Pulmonology confirming Gray’s diagnoses of Cystic Fibrosis. They told us that he has ‘double delta f508’ and that he has one of the most common genetic mutations for CF,” says Gray’s mother, Lauren. “The phone call was brief, and everything was a blur. We were told that his mutation qualified for really good treatments and that he would have a good prognosis!” “Gray was born with a common condition in children with cystic fibrosis called meconium ileus in which a […]

Living With Morquio A – Zane’s Story

At 7 months old, Zane Brooks was diagnosed with Morquio A, a genetic condition that causes an enzyme deficiency with bone, heart, vision, and hearing problems. After his older brother (age 2.5 at the time) was diagnosed with Morquio A, Zane underwent genetic testing where he found out he did as well. “As soon as we heard that Morquio may be the diagnosis, we researched online and quickly came to the conclusion that Nemours was the best place for treatment,” said Zane’s mother Kimberlee. “Between blood work and official diagnosis, we watched many medical presentations on YouTube from Dr. Mary Theroux and Dr. Will Mackenzie and knew Nemours was the safest place for our boys.” The day of Zane’s diagnosis, the Brooks reached out to Dr. Theroux and Colleen Ditro. “Within 24 hours we had kind, knowledgeable emails in response,” said Kimberlee. “I remember talking with Colleen days after diagnosis as she walked […]

Nurses Week: Becca and Dannah

“Once I started nursing school, I knew I had found my life’s work,” says Senior Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator Becca Davis. Even from a young age, Becca felt drawn to the nursing field. “My earliest memories are of when I was 4 or 5. My mom suffered from chronic migraines. I would bring her water, crackers, and cold wash cloths to make sure she was comfortable,” says Becca. Shortly after completing nursing school, Becca began her career at Nemours Children’s Health in Pensacola. She had visited Nemours as a student and knew it was on the top of her list of future employment goals. “I love our mission to make sure that no child goes without being taken care of,” says Becca. “The culture of compassion we have drives me to show up every day and give my best efforts for the children in our region.” While she moved to […]

Music to My Ears: Atharv’s OI Journey

Atharv was diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), whose journey of resilience and determination has been made possible with the help of multidisciplinary care team at Nemours Children’s Hospital.

Nurses Week: Tatiana and Talia

We are thrilled to share the incredible story of twin sisters Tatiana and Talia who both pursued careers in nursing and now work together in the PICU at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Florida! These remarkable women have dedicated their lives to caring for critically ill children, and their unique bond as twins adds an extra layer of compassion and understanding to their work. The pair began working at Nemours after Tatiana moved back to the Central Florida area. She joined Nemours and wanted to get her sister, Talia, back into bedside nursing (which Talia thought she was done with)! “Luckily,” says Tatiana, “Talia applied and got hired, and we both started orientation and training together and working together in the same unit.” The twins love working together and for Nemours. “It’s great that Nemours is close to home and I have my sister who understands when I’ve had a rough, emotional […]

Thriving Through-OI- Aaron’s Story

Aaron, an 11-year-old boy with Bruck Syndrome, a type of Osteogenesis Imperfecta, underwent a major leg surgery and completed a three-month rehabilitation process.

Nurses Week: The Gossman Family

In celebration of Nurses Week at Nemours Children’s Health, we are so excited to highlight one of our dynamic father-daughter duos, John and Sarah Gossman! John began his nursing career with us on the transport team at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware. He fell in love with Nemours Children’s and knew that it was where he was meant to be. When his daughter, Sarah, became a nurse as well, John recommended she make the move to Nemours so she could grow with the organization. When they were both working as nurses at our hospital in Delaware, they would sometimes bump into each other! “While I was on the transport team,” says John, “On occasion I would either bring cardiac kids to 2B or the CICU where Sarah was working.  I would also pick-up Sarah’s cardiac kids that would be going home for the first time.” The pair have also been known […]

Heart of a Warrior – Troy’s Story

After Troy was born, he was struggling to breathe. His mother Holli alerted the labor and delivery nurses, and they responded by checking his pulse, noticing that it was abnormal. Holli’s life was turned upside down when she was told that Troy had to be transferred out of state from Cape May, NJ to Nemours Children’s Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware to get the care that he would need. He was born with an interrupted aortic arch, a rare congenital heart defect that happens when the aorta doesn’t form completely. At just 6 days old, and due to his small size, Troy had a procedure to place bands around his pulmonary arteries and a stent the ductus arteriosus, to control the excessive amount of blood going to his lungs and to provide circulation to the lower body, performed by pediatric cardiac surgeon, Dr. Christian Pizarro. Then, at 6 months old, Dr. […]

Sticking the Landing: Saylor’s Story

While performing a vault in her gymnastics competition, 14-year-old Saylor suffered a serious injury that would flip her world upside down. After completing the vault, Saylor’s ankle was immediately hurt, and she was unable to place any weight on it. With another gymnastics competition quickly approaching, Saylor sought medical attention straight away.  She visited numerous doctors and underwent several MRIs with no progress. During this time, the pain Saylor was experiencing in her foot began to spread to her leg and back. After visiting a local neurologist, Saylor was determined to have Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (excess and prolonged pain and inflammation that follows an injury). It was then that Saylor was referred to Dr. Santana-Rojas at Nemours Children’s Health. After evaluation from Dr. Santana-Rojas and her team, it was determined that Saylor also had a severe case of Functional Neurologic Disorder. “Functional Neurological Disorder had completely removed me from […]

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