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PedsAcademy: Educating Patients, Preparing Teachers

For children who are navigating serious medical concerns, staying on top of schoolwork can be challenging. That’s why the Hospital School Program at Nemours Children’s Hospital, FL, is dedicated to promoting educational success for children in our care. Our hospital-based teacher provides individualized instruction and school liaison services to support patients’ educational needs during hospitalization and upon return to school. The Hospital School Program is enhanced by our teacher internship program, called PedsAcademy®, for students enrolled at the University of Central Florida (UCF). PedsAcademy, developed in partnership between Nemours Children’s Health and UCF’s School of Teacher Education, is designed to better prepare future educators for teaching children with chronic and complex medical needs. Teacher interns from UCF provide individualized instruction to patients (PK-12) while receiving specialized training about how to support students affected by chronic health conditions. The PedsAcademy program enables Nemours to serve an increased number of patients, including their siblings, […]

Then There Were Twins

After dating for ten years and recently married, Brandi and Brian Jones were ready to have children. They had always dreamed of having twins – hoping for a “one and done” pregnancy – although multiples were not part of their family history. Both knew it wouldn’t be easy.  Brandi had been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which could make it challenging to get pregnant. Even with the diagnosis of PCOS, they prayed not only to get pregnant but to get pregnant with twins. To assess her fertility, Brandi’s OB suggested she get an ovulation test. No one was more surprised than Brandi herself when the test revealed her ovulation levels were off the charts.  Her OB confirmed she was pregnant with one baby. The couple was elated that God had answered their prayers. They soon began regular visits with their OB. At a routine ultrasound, two weeks later, Brian and […]

Meet Dr. Gary Josephson and Dr. Patricia Solo-Josephson

In the world of medicine, it’s not uncommon for doctors to meet for the first time while in school, during their residencies, or even at a hospital! That’s how Dr. Gary Josephson and Dr. Patricia Solo-Josephson first met—in Miami, Florida at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Later, in the year 2000, Gary was offered an ENT position at Nemours Children’s Health, Jacksonville. The pair decided to make the move to Jacksonville from Miami and the rest is history! In 2016, Patricia also joined the Nemours Children’s team when she was offered to work as a pediatrician in the telemedicine division in Jacksonville. Today, Gary is the Chief Medical Officer of Nemours Children’s Health, Jacksonville and Patricia works in the Telemedicine Division of the Center for Health Delivery Innovation. Dr. Josephson and Dr. Solo-Josephson love the vision and mission of Nemours. They both cherish the opportunity to work for an organization who cares […]

Meet Dr. Corrine Bria and Dr. Peace Madueme

Say hello to Dr. Corrine Bria and Dr. Peace Madueme! This dynamic duo from Nemours Children’s Hospital, Florida, is another one of the amazing couples on our team. Dr. Bria attended medical school at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Dr. Madueme attended medical school at the Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia. The couple met during their pediatric residency at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in 2017. Immediately following their residency, Dr. Bria and Dr. Madueme made the big move to Nemours Children’s Hospital, Florida. Today, Dr. Bria works in the Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Graduate Medical Education departments and Dr. Madueme in the Pediatric Heart Institute. Dr. Bria also served as one of the inaugural associate program directors of the pediatric residency program and is now the interim program director.  Dr. Madueme serves as the medical director of cardiac imaging and provides […]

Meet Dr. Loren Berman and Dr. Jonathan Miller

This Doctors Day, we are highlighting duos that not only share a passion of caring for children but are also married! Power couple Dr. Loren Berman and Dr. Jonathan Miller are yet another great example of the many spectacular pairings working for Nemours Children’s Health. Jonathan and Loren first met while attending The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. “We became close when we were Anatomy class partners dissecting a cadaver together… Now here we are 22+ years later, with three kids who are all Nemours patients!” they say. After Loren completed her fellowship in Pediatric Surgery in Chicago, they both were recruited to come to Nemours Children’s in Delaware. This would be Dr. Berman’s first job as an attending surgeon and Dr. Miller was asked to lead the primary care practice in the Green Module. The pair have made impacts here ever since. Both doctors love working […]

Meet Dr. Mihir Thacker and Dr. Deepika Thacker

In celebration of Doctors’ Day, we want to highlight the incredible work of two doctors who not only share a passion for the care of children, but also a deep love for each other. Dr. Mihir Thacker and Dr. Deepika Thacker first met while attending Seth Gordhandas Sunderas Medical College in Mumbai, India. “Mihir was 2 years my senior and had a very serious air about him,” says Dr. Deepika Thacker. “He was very focused and always studying. As I got to know him better, I discovered that he had a very fun side as well and a wicked sense of humor! We were friends before we started dating, and to this date, we remain friends in addition to being married. We love playing board games with the family, taking trips and trying new foods together!” Deepika recalls, when they began dating as teenagers, “He would take me out to […]

Meet Dr. Bevin Weeks and Dr. Ken Baker

In honor of Doctors’ Day, we’re shining a spotlight on this remarkable team of medical professionals! Dr. Ken Baker and Dr. Bevin Weeks are not only talented doctors, but also a married couple that both work for Nemours Children’s Health. When they were younger, both Dr. Baker and Dr. Weeks had positions working at Yale. While the Pediatric Cardiology Echo Lab and Pediatric Radiology reading room were located along the same hallway, they hadn’t actually met until a mutual colleague decided to introduce them. “Fun fact,” says Dr. Weeks, “This was back in the days when Dr. Moss also worked at Yale and it was his PA who was the mutual colleague!” In late 2019, the couple realized that Pensacola was home for them and made the decision to move back to Pensacola, FL. Dr. Weeks and Dr. Baker knew that they wanted to be part of Nemours and the […]

Meet Dr. Maria Petrini and Dr. Francisco Vranic

Let us introduce Dr. Maria Petrini and Dr. Francisco Vranic, one of our many pairs of married doctors that work for Nemours Children’s Health! Dr. Petrini and Dr. Vranic met during their first pediatric residency program at a children’s hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Dr. Vranic was a senior resident and Dr. Petrini was an intern. They bonded over their shared passion for pediatric medicine and the joy they found in caring for children. Upon their decision to move to the United States, Dr. Petrini was accepted to train in pediatrics at the Nemours Children’s/Thomas Jefferson University program and she stayed working at Nemours after graduation. A few years later, Dr. Vranic started his second training in pediatrics at the same program and took a position at the Saint Francis Primary Care office after graduation. Today, Dr. Petrini works as a primary care pediatrician at the Rockland Road Primary Care Office (Green Module) […]

Nothing If Not Resilient – Kate’s Story

During her senior season of high school wresting, Kate felt something was off. When Kate’s right shoulder dislocated from her socket during a wrestling practice, pain started to occur. Kate dismissed it at first but soon, this pain became persistent during every practice and started to impact her everyday life.  Her shoulder constantly dislocated while out on the mat and it held her back from taking good shots against opponents. Kate continued to persist through the pain until she could no longer reach for something or close a car door without discomfort. “When I walked through the halls at school, I felt my shoulder being separated from the socket. It felt loose – that’s the only way I can describe it. It is a scary feeling when you know that your arm is not properly attached to your body, let alone wrestling with it,” says Kate. This injury had a […]

A Few Months of Hard, For a Lifetime of Walking

At 18 months old, my physical therapist noticed I was showing early signs of a condition that needed attention as soon as possible. When my physical therapist suggested my family schedule an appointment with an orthopedic team, my family came to Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware; I was diagnosed with diplegic cerebral palsy. I’m now 12 years old and love my care team at Nemours. Dr. Peter Gabos and Dr. Jason Howard mapped out a plan for muscle lengthening and surgical femur/tibia reconstruction. The road to recovery was both a mental and physical battle that I will never forget. Some days it’s a challenge getting around with leg braces and very tiring, but I’m determined. All the doctors and physical therapists are so nice and helpful. They push you to do more than you thought you could, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. I’m hoping that I […]

Just Keep Dancing — Summer’s Story

Tammy noticed her daughter’s size difference from a young age. Summer was consistently smaller than her peers growing up, but her parents and pediatrician never suspected a serious issue. When Summer was about 7 years old, the family took a trip to Disney. Unlike their previous vacations, Tammy and Erik realized that Summer was struggling to keep up. This behavior was concerning because it was not the norm for their bubbly, energetic daughter. Unfortunately, Summer’s limp worsened, she experienced immense stiffness and hip pain, and she struggled to do what she loves most: dance. After an attempt at physical therapy, many x-rays and testing, Summer was diagnosed with Multiple Epiphyseal Dysplasia (MED) in August 2020. MED is a rare genetic disorder that effects the development of the joints in the legs. Her doctors recommended Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware to see orthopedic surgeon Dr. Will Mackenzie and orthogeneticist Dr. Mike Bober. […]

Olivia’s Story – Trisomy 18 Awareness Day

Brooke Renton’s life changed substantially when her daughter, Olivia, was born in March 2021, both in the physical sense (the family permanently relocated from Tallahassee to an Orlando suburb to be closer to Nemours Children’s Hospital, Florida) and in the emotional sense when she knew she would do anything for her sweet baby girl.   Born with a rare chromosomal condition called Trisomy 18 at a hospital in Tallahassee, Olivia had to be on a ventilator for the first 11 days of her life. The day before she was supposed to go home, doctors had to perform lifesaving CPR and place Olivia back on a ventilator. Olivia’s heart was “pouring blood into her lungs” due to a hole in her heart known as a ventricular septal defect. NICU doctors in Tallahassee told the family that Olivia would need a specialized center that performed advanced pediatric heart surgery to correct the issue. Due […]

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