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A Foundation for Success: Jillian’s Story (In Her Own Words)

My name is Jillian Franko, and I am 26 years old. I was born with several physical complications including club feet, dislocations of the knees, hips and elbows, and severe cervical kyphosis. As parents, my mom and dad wanted to ensure that I received the best care. They scheduled an appointment for me with an orthopedic specialist, who recommended serial leg casting for my club feet. This procedure meant weekly visits to have my feet repositioned and cast. Not seeing any results from serial leg casting, my mom contacted a local children’s hospital. She made appointments with specialists in genetics, orthopedics, and neurology. Unfortunately, they were unable to determine a diagnosis, and thus, could not provide proper care or treatment plans. Unsatisfied with the outcome of these appointments, my mom contacted the Schuylkill County Society for Crippled Children. She spoke with the organization’s director, who informed her of their free […]

Overcoming Trevor Disease: Hudson’s Story

While Hudson’s parents were out of town, his grandmother noticed that something seemed a bit off with his ankle. She thought it looked funny, bigger. When his grandfather agreed, and also expressed concern about his ankle, they immediately booked a doctors’ appointment for Hudson when his parents returned home. “I took him in thinking, ‘I don’t know what’s going on,’” says Hudson’s mom, Elizabeth. “He hasn’t complained about anything, doesn’t have any pain, he thinks he’s fine. But, let’s go get his ankle checked, just to rule anything out.” That’s when they first met pediatric orthopedic surgeon Dr. Joseph Khoury at Nemours Children’s Health, Lakeland. After his first examination, Dr. Khoury explained to them that Hudson had flat feet. This didn’t come as a surprise to Elizabeth as her husband also has flat feet. “He then went on to do an X-ray,” says Elizabeth. “He looked at the results and Dr. […]

Finally Home and All Together: Brendan’s Story

When Courtney was pregnant with her son Brendan, her physician noticed something was off. During an ultrasound, they discovered that Brendan had an enlarged bowel, which can be a sign of cystic fibrosis. When Brendan was born in November of 2022, he was immediately placed in the NICU. “This was already planned and why we delivered in the Advanced Delivery Unit at Nemours Children’s Hospital,” explains Courtney. “The team was remarkable. Dr. Chou and our nurse, Mo, made a nerve-racking delivery as easy and seamless as possible. It was nothing but a great experience, considering the circumstances.” At only a day and a half old, Brendan had surgery. “During the surgery, they found that a part of the bowel had twisted on itself, causing it to not function properly,” says Courtney. “That day, they removed 30 cm of bowel and started the use of a colostomy bag. Then we had a 6-week healing […]

Beyond Diagnoses: Gaby’s Story

When Gaby was four years old, her family noticed that she was barely talking, was frequently losing her balance, and experiencing severe migraines. After going through many tests, including a sleep study, they found out that she had Chiari malformation. As Gaby continued to grow, her doctors uncovered more diagnoses including scoliosis, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), Tethered Cord, Syringomyelia, secondary Hydrocephalus PTSD, among many others. Gaby was seeing a plethora of doctors and undergoing several different therapies, surgeries, and medications. However, her family was having difficulty finding doctors that specialized in Gaby’s conditions in Tampa. After doing some research, Gaby’s mom, Diana, found Nemours Children’s Hospital, Florida. Their first visit at Nemours Children’s was with the neurology team in Orlando when Gaby was about nine years old. “As a parent who has dealt with so many doctors, I have experienced doctors who don’t even know how to pronounce her […]

Overcoming Hip Dysplasia: Julieth’s Journey

Discover the inspiring story of Julieth, who was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at a young age. Learn about her treatment at Nemours Children’s Health and the impact it had on her life.

The Best Care Has No Limits

Experience the remarkable journey of Jeremiah, a baby with a rare genetic disorder, as his family finds hope and the best care at Nemours Children’s Hospital.

Energy Drinks & Kids: Know the Risks

Discover the risks associated with energy drinks for kids and learn about healthier alternatives. This article explores the ingredients in energy drinks, their potential dangers, and the importance of open communication with children. Help your kids make informed choices and adopt healthier habits.

Scoliosis Awareness Month: Abigail’s Story

Abigail is a 16-year-old girl who was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was in middle school. It was during her annual health visit when her spine caught the doctor’s attention. Abigail’s mother, Serena, took her daughter to see an orthopedic specialist at Nemours Children’s Health, Jacksonville, where they met with Dr. Kevin Neal and were told that Abigail had scoliosis. Initially, no further actions were taken as the scoliosis wasn’t severe. However, about a year had passed when Abigail started experiencing more pain and her posture worsened. So, they went back to Dr. Neal at Nemours Children’s and Abigail was put into a TLSO brace.  The care team at Nemours played a vital role in Abigail’s treatment. “Mike, in particular, was fabulous,” says Serena. Michael Wright, Director of Prosthetics & Orthotics, ordered and fitted Abigail’s scoliosis brace. “He played his role perfectly, giving Abigail a sense of comfort throughout the […]

Slopes and Waves: Natalie’s Journey to Overcoming Scoliosis

Natalie had always been an active teenager with a love for surfing, skiing, and running. She would often spend her weekends hitting the slopes or catching waves at the beach with her friends. Determined, Natalie worked hard to become the best athlete she could to achieve her goals. However, during a routine check-up at her pediatrician’s office, Natalie received some unexpected news. She had adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, a condition that causes the spine to curve. Her pediatrician referred her to Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware to meet with Dr. Suken Shah, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Despite the busy nature of the hospital, Natalie was treated with kindness, patience, and respect. Dr. Shah took the time to talk with her and understand her as a person, not just a patient with a medical condition. He mapped out a care plan for her scoliosis to get her back to her active lifestyle. At […]

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