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Nurses Week: The Gossman Family

In celebration of Nurses Week at Nemours Children’s Health, we are so excited to highlight one of our dynamic father-daughter duos, John and Sarah Gossman! John began his nursing career with us on the transport team at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware. He fell in love with Nemours Children’s and knew that it was where he was meant to be. When his daughter, Sarah, became a nurse as well, John recommended she make the move to Nemours so she could grow with the organization. When they were both working as nurses at our hospital in Delaware, they would sometimes bump into each other! “While I was on the transport team,” says John, “On occasion I would either bring cardiac kids to 2B or the CICU where Sarah was working.  I would also pick-up Sarah’s cardiac kids that would be going home for the first time.” The pair have also been known […]

PedsAcademy: Educating Patients, Preparing Teachers

For children who are navigating serious medical concerns, staying on top of schoolwork can be challenging. That’s why the Hospital School Program at Nemours Children’s Hospital, FL, is dedicated to promoting educational success for children in our care. Our hospital-based teacher provides individualized instruction and school liaison services to support patients’ educational needs during hospitalization and upon return to school. The Hospital School Program is enhanced by our teacher internship program, called PedsAcademy®, for students enrolled at the University of Central Florida (UCF). PedsAcademy, developed in partnership between Nemours Children’s Health and UCF’s School of Teacher Education, is designed to better prepare future educators for teaching children with chronic and complex medical needs. Teacher interns from UCF provide individualized instruction to patients (PK-12) while receiving specialized training about how to support students affected by chronic health conditions. The PedsAcademy program enables Nemours to serve an increased number of patients, including their siblings, […]

Ways You Can Support the People of Ukraine

Ways You Can Support the People of Ukraine

Showing kids how to turn empathy into helpful action, they learn they can make a difference. You and your children may be anxious about the war in Ukraine. It’s important to answer any questions your kids may have. But you can also turn your family’s empathy into meaningful action by finding ways to support the people of Ukraine. Exploring how to help and explaining that our country is supporting relief efforts can make it easier for children to process these tragic events. Here are a few ways that families can offer support: Donate to a Verified Charity Kids can feel more of a connection to aiding in relief efforts if they understand who they are helping and how. Families can read about the charities that are accepting donations and choose one together. Below are a few organizations that are specifically assisting Ukrainian children and families. UNICEF: This humanitarian organization works to […]

Help for Hungry Children - Summer Food Program and School Meals

Help for Hungry Children – Summer Food Program and School Meals

Summer and fun: two words that go hand-in-hand, especially when you’re talking about kids.  However, summer break looks very different for many children. For millions of children from low-income households across the U.S., summer months mean no access to school meals, which may sometimes be the only nutritious food available. And even more children will have less food on their table this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. For summer 2021 and 2022, the USDA has launched a new summer food program that will help all low-income children of all ages have nutritious meals and snacks. School Meals Help Keep Kids Healthy During the school year, many schools provide students with access to meals through federal school meal programs like the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program. These programs are run by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and state agencies, who reimburse schools that provide healthy meals […]

Nemours Launches “Do Gooders” Program

Nemours Launches “Do Gooders” Program

Each year associates at Nemours Children’s Health participate in Nemours Cares Week, proudly supporting the communities in which we live, work, heal, and play. Nemours associates from across our many locations donate their time, resources, and funds to help those in our communities who need it most. This year, even with COVID restrictions firmly in place, we were still able to package 1,600 pounds of food and over 2,600 essential items, all donated by Nemours associates. We sent more than 600 bags of items to our community partners and raised money through virtual food drives, providing over 12,000 meals to help fill the needs gap. New this year, Nemours launched the “Do Gooders” Program, which aims to support children who want to give back to their communities while also supporting self-esteem and creative thinking. Two incredibly creative young ladies were chosen this year, who saw their civic project come to life! […]

Peaceful Protests

Peaceful Protests

With the current social unrest over police brutality related to the death of George Floyd and others, your children may ask questions about the protests that are happening nationwide. Here are some tips on how to respond to kids on what can be a divisive topic. State the facts I recommend that parents respond to tough questions from their kids with a simple statement of facts, followed by questions of their own. If a child asks, “What are these protests all about?” you might respond: “Many people are protesting the deaths of unarmed black women and men by police and others.” You might follow up by asking questions about what your child thinks about the protests, what they have heard (from friends, media, etc.) and what parts are confusing to them. Asking questions first will likely lead to a better conversation with your child. As you respond, try to help […]

Homeland Security Cadet Camp Gives Kids Chance to be Crime Fighters

Have you ever watched one of the CSI TV shows or Criminal Minds and wondered what it would be like to investigate a federal crime? This summer some of our patients were given that very opportunity. The 2nd annual Homeland Security Cadet Camp took place at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children earlier this summer. For one week, patients from our hospital, along with their siblings (eleven kids total), had the opportunity to experience the entire process of investigating a crime—from gathering evidence and following leads to tracking down and capturing the “bad guy!” This program is entirely free for kids and is a huge community effort that includes Chester County SWAT, Pennsylvania State Police, Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and many more, including Child Life here at the hospital. The week included classroom instruction, field trips, and the final day at a training facility in Chester County, PA. […]

For Kids with Scoliosis: Nemours Host 4th Annual Mentoring Event, powered by Nemours Children's Health System

For Kids with Scoliosis, Nemours Hosts 4th Annual Mentoring Event

This year marked the fourth time that patients and families gathered to share stories, common concerns, and inspiration at our annual Patient and Parent Mentoring Event, hosted by the Nemours Spine and Scoliosis Center. More than 100 people gathered at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children on a gorgeous spring day. As in years past, this event was open to families with adolescents who have idiopathic scoliosis, which is the most common form of the disease. More than 3% of the population has scoliosis, a condition that causes the spine to curve from side to side. For some, no treatment is necessary, just periodic monitoring of the curve by a healthcare provider. For others, treatment is required, which can include bracing to halt or slow down the progression of the curve, or surgery to correct the deformity. At the mentoring event this year, Dr. Suken Shah started things off by […]

Community Health Improvement: From the Community to Your Child, Joannie Yeh, MD | Promise, Powered by Nemours Children's Health System

Community Health Improvement: From the Community to Your Child

With all of the news and debates about health care these days, you may have heard the term “community health improvement.” You may hear even more buzz about it during Community Health Improvement Week, June 5-11th. Community health improvement essentially means identifying and addressing communities’ health needs in order to improve the health of the community as a whole — not just the health of individuals. So why does that matter to you or your child? Because “community health” involves so many aspects of our lives. These are the kinds of things to consider when it comes to community health improvement: Socioeconomic factors Is affordable transportation available for families to get to and from appointments? Do they have money for copays and medications? Can they afford to the make lifestyle changes — low-salt diet, more fruits and vegetables — that the doctor recommended? What is the state minimum wage? Health […]

Advancing Healthcare Outcomes Tomorrow by Investing in Undergraduates Today

For over 40 years, Nemours Biomedical Research has hosted a highly motivated and talented cadre of undergraduate research students during the summer months, and this year we added another success story. From June through August, 32 students had the opportunity to participate in research projects with our scientists and clinicians. The research projects were diverse and ranged from epidemiologic, to basic topics. During the 10-week program, students attended weekly seminars, participated in a student-run journal club, shadowed physicians, visited the Nemours Estate, and most importantly, gained hands-on experience conducting research procedures. Nemours Faculty and Associates mentored students through the research process: formulating research questions and hypotheses, navigating the IRB if appropriate, learning required procedures and skills, following protocols, and analyzing and interpreting data. At the end of the program, students had three opportunities to present their research findings. The first was at the newly instated Nemours Summer Undergraduate Research Student […]

Straight Talk About Scoliosis at Mentoring Event

What can inspire more than 100 people to gather at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children on a beautiful Saturday morning in June? “The opportunity to share common concerns [and] feelings with other families.” That was the overwhelming response from participants of the 3rd Annual Patient and Parent Mentoring Event, hosted by the Nemours Spine and Scoliosis Center. This event was open to families with children who have adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, the most common form. Three people out of 100 have scoliosis, a condition that causes the spine to curve from side to side, like an “S” or a “C.” For some, no treatment is necessary, just periodic monitoring of the curve by a doctor. For others, the curve of the spine is large enough that treatment is required, which can include bracing to halt or slow down the progression of the curve and/or surgery to correct the curve. The […]

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