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Should kids participate in the Hot Pepper Challenge for ALS?, Powered by Nemours Children's Health System

Should kids participate in the Hot Pepper Challenge for ALS?

This post originally appeared on Philly.com By now you’ve probably heard about the Hot Pepper Challenge for ALS which began gaining popularity this month. After NBA writer Tom Haberstroh found out his mother was diagnosed with ALS, his family started the Hot Pepper Challenge in December to raise money for research — a similar idea to the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014. People are nominated on video and encouraged to donate to the cause. Should Your Kids Take Part? Challenges like this are done in good fun and help to raise awareness and funds for important causes. But as a pediatrician, I have mixed feelings about children participating in the pepper challenge. Here’s why. Hot peppers can cause some unpleasant symptoms due to a chemical compound called capsaicin. Most of the capsaicin is in the seeds and membranes, so remove these parts if you’re worried about the heat. Among other things, capsaicin […]

Cold & Flu Season – Does Your Child Need Antibiotics? , Powered by Nemours Children's Health System

Cold & Flu Season – Does Your Child Need Antibiotics?

It’s that time of year – your kids come home from school or their extra-curricular activities and show signs or complain of a sore throat, cough, and/or a runny nose. Are antibiotics in order? The answer may surprise you! Viruses vs. Bacterial Infections To best understand whether your child needs antibiotics, it’s helpful to know the difference between viruses and bacteria, which are the two major types of germs that cause sickness. Although certain bacteria and viruses cause diseases with similar symptoms, the ways these two organisms multiply and spread illness are different. Antibiotics fight bacteria, not viruses. Bacteria are living organisms that exist as single cells. They can live in all types of environments, from extreme cold to extreme heat. They’re everywhere and most don’t cause any harm. In some cases they may actually be helpful, like when they live in your intestines and help digest food. The bacteria that are […]

Is It an Emergency or Just Urgent? by Kate Cronan, MD | Promise, Powered by Nemours Children's Health System

Is It an Emergency or Just Urgent?

It’s a Saturday afternoon, and you’ve just watched your 8-year-old take a terrifying flip over the handlebars of his bicycle. Or, it’s dinner time on a Tuesday night, and your 2-year-old has put his peas into his nose — instead of his mouth — and now they’re stuck. Should you call your child’s regular doctor? Should you pack up and head to the Emergency Department, or seek out your nearest urgent care center? It can be a tough decision, and it doesn’t help when you’re tired, stressed, and concerned for your child’s health. In some cases, you’ll know instantly if your child requires immediate medical attention. But in other cases, it might be hard to determine whether an injury or illness needs the attention of a medical professional or can be treated at home. The first call can always be to your child’s primary care physician. Your doctor — or […]

6 Common Pneumonia Questions Answered, by Kate Cronan, MD, Powered by Nemours Children's Health System

6 Common Pneumonia Questions Answered

Pneumonia is a very common illness in kids. In fact, an estimated 156 million cases of pneumonia are diagnosed worldwide each year — and that’s just in children younger than 5 years old, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). So here’s what you need to know about this infection that’s all too common around this time of year. 1. What is pneumonia, anyway? Simply put, pneumonia is an infection of the lungs. It causes fever, coughing and sometimes trouble breathing. The good news is that most kids with pneumonia can be treated at home, and they usually get better in 1 to 2 weeks. However, in some cases, babies and children with certain other medical problems can get sicker and may need to be admitted to a hospital while they get better. 2. Is there a pneumonia “season?” Your child may be more likely to get pneumonia after having a […]

8 Easy Ways to Create Eco-Friendly Holidays, by Kate Cronan, MD, Powered by Nemours Children's Health System

8 Easy Ways to Create Eco-Friendly Holidays

The hustle and bustle of the holidays is fully upon us. The family gatherings, the dinner parties, the shopping, the gifts, the … trash! Have you ever noticed how your trash cans are overflowing in the days following your holiday get-togethers? While there’s no need to radically change your holiday traditions, there are simple things you and your family can do to create eco-friendly holidays. You can “green” up your holidays and – bonus – save some green too! 1. Choose eco-friendly gifts. While out shopping for family and friends, why not shop with the environment in mind? Look for items made from recycled materials like glass, metal, plastic, or paper. Or give gifts that get used up, like soap, food, or candles. You can also give gifts that help people cut down on waste. Reusable grocery or produce bags and refillable water bottles come in a large variety of […]

Coffee and Kids: Keep the Caffeine in Check, by Kate Cronan, MD, Promise, Powered by Nemours Children's Health System

Coffee and Kids: Keep the Caffeine in Check

On these cool autumn days, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a fresh cup of hot coffee. And with fall comes the bevy of tantalizing flavors – pumpkin, spice, caramel, and more – to liven up our morning cup of joe. Many of us even get combination CBD Bulk coffee wholesale to help us have high energy levels with less amounts of stress. But these tasty treats aren’t just being consumed by adults. More and more, I’m seeing teenagers enjoying coffee – and the caffeine that goes with it – on a regular basis. Coffee and kids: Is this a good idea? A 2010 survey of 11,400 teenage students by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that: 15% of high school students drank a serving of coffee, coffee drink, or any kind of tea every day. 24% were also drinking regular soda daily. More than 16% drank […]

Whooping Cough (Pertussis): 10 Things You Need to Know, by Kate Cronan, MD, Promise, Powered by Nemours Children's Health System

Whooping Cough (Pertussis): 10 Things You Need to Know

Around this time of year, there’s coughing practically around every corner. Kids are hacking away at the table next to you in restaurants. Fellow shoppers are barking down the grocery aisles. Most coughs are short-lived and more of a nuisance than anything. Others linger much longer and can be downright exhausting. One type of cough that can be especially concerning for parents is caused by pertussis (also called “whooping cough”). You probably already know that pertussis is a highly contagious bacterial infection of the airways. It spreads like other upper respiratory infections when an infected person coughs or sneezes. But here are 10 important pertussis tidbits you may not know that just might help you and your loved ones be better protected this season. 1. Whooping cough has been making a dangerous comeback in the past decade. In the United States, pertussis used to kill about 9,000 people each year, […]

Girl receiving vaccines

Give Vaccines a Well-Deserved Shot: Immunization FAQs

Vaccines don’t just protect your kids from illnesses — they protect them from passing the germs on to high-risk populations, like the elderly, babies who are too young to get immunized, kids still in need of their booster shots, children whose immune systems aren’t working well (like those with cancer). As a parent, vaccinating your kids is the safest option for them, your family, and your community. How do vaccines work? Getting vaccinated is a way of creating immunity to certain diseases by using small amounts of killed or weakened bacteria (such as pneumococcus) or viruses (like measles) that cause the particular disease. Vaccines cause the immune system to react as if there were a real infection — it fends off the “infection” and remembers the organism so that it can fight it quickly should it enter the body later. What is community immunity? Community immunity, or “herd immunity,” is when […]

Toddler touching eating puppy doesn't know how to prevent dog bites

Dog Bites: Take a Paws for Prevention

For so many, dogs are our best friends and trusted companions. Despite how warm and loving they can be, all breeds of dogs are capable of biting. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every year, more than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs in the United States, and more than half of those bites happen at home with a familiar dog. Of those who endure dog bites, more than half are children under the age of 14 and nearly a million require medical attention. Most dogs won’t bite without a reason. A family dog may bite when a new baby is brought home or a child plays too roughly, teases, or startles the dog. A dog you don’t know may bite when approached without taking the proper precautions. Knowing how to prevent dog bites will help keep your family safer this summer — and beyond. […]

Girl smelling flower at summer camp

Summer Camp: Tips and Tricks

Whether you send your kids to sleep-away or day summer camp, there’s a lot of preparation that goes into getting them ready. As another school year comes to a close and camp season approaches, we thought we’d go over some camp readiness tips. Before Summer Camp Finding the Right Fit Pick a summer camp with your kids, not for them. Camp is a time for your children to have fun and stay active in the summer, while learning new things or pursuing an interest. Maybe your child wouldn’t like the same camp as an older sibling but, instead, would like the kind of camp you went to growing up – or maybe an entirely different one. Follow your kids’ lead. Encourage them to be excited, but don’t discount their worries and fears. There’s no need to freak your kids out by discussing emergency pick-up plans and homesickness, but if these […]

Suicide Rates Rising, Especially Among Young Girls

This post was originally published in the Wilmington News Journal and DelawareOnline. Suicide. It’s a troubling topic, a hugely difficult conversation, a “that could never happen to my child” pronouncement. But with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently announcing that suicide rates in the U.S. are steadily on the rise, the time is now to confront this issue with your family — especially with your preteens and teenagers. The CDC reports that from 1999 through 2014, suicide rates have increased for both males and females and for all ages 10–74. While this is concerning news, perhaps most troubling is the fact that the suicide rate among girls aged 10–14 tripled during this time frame and had the largest percent increase (200 percent). And although suicide is relatively rare among children, it is the third leading cause of death in youth ages 10–24, after accidents and homicide. Who’s at Risk? […]

Laundry Pod Dangers, Powered by Nemours Children's Health System

Laundry Pod Poisonings Increasing Despite Safety Warnings

In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, I can really appreciate the small conveniences that are available to make our lives easier…drive-throughs, single-serve coffee makers, even microwave meals. One of the biggest things that make our lives easier is washing machines. They make washing things so much more efficient. Many people would be lost without their washing machines and dishwasher. This is why many homeowners decide to insure their appliances at https://homewarranty.firstam.com/homeowner/home-warranty/michigan. That makes sure that homeowners can receive 24/7 support if their appliances break down. Someone will also come out and take a look at the appliance too. Hopefully, they’ll be able to fix it, allowing us to continue with our washing. But sometimes these little conveniences can carry a danger we never considered, especially when using pods. The laundry (and dishwasher) detergent packets/pods are a great example of what seems to be the perfect modern-day convenience. […]

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