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Kate Cronan, MD

Spring Safety: 5 Quick Tips

Despite its mild beginning, winter definitely packed a punch this year. It’s also kept many families cooped up indoors. If your family is anything like mine, you’re ready to throw open those windows and let spring in. While warm weather is right around the corner, and should have us all running for the nearest park, playground or even the backyard, let’s take a moment to be sure any and all outside activities are done safely and with as little risk for injury as possible. Here are five quick tips to remember. 1. Make sure everyone wears a helmet. A family bike ride, skateboarding, inline skating, scooters and horseback riding are all great ways to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors. But all require a well-fitting helmet. Wearing a bicycle helmet is the best way to prevent a brain injury. A helmet fits well if it sits level on the head […]

9 Tips to Help Prevent Poisoning in Kids from the Experts at Nemours Children's Health System

9 Tips to Help Prevent Poisoning

Every year, about 3 million people – many, young children under age 5 – come into contact with poisonous substances. And most poisonings actually happen when parents or caregivers are home, says the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). If you’re like most parents, you’ve probably taken safety precautions in your home. All of those baby gates, locks and childproof caps can help protect your child from harmful substances – that is, when everything is going according to plan. But when little ones sneak out of sight or there’s an inevitable change in your routine – like family visits, babysitters, running late, parties, holiday get-togethers, etc. – those safety measures may not work as well as they would on an ordinary day. And when you visit other people’s houses (like grandma and grandpa’s), there’s no telling what kids will get into. The Most Common Poisoning Culprits medicines cleaning products liquid nicotine […]

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