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Amy Duffy, an exceptional EEG Technician at Nemours Children’s Hospital, shares her dedication in Neurodiagnostic technology during Epilepsy Awareness Month.

22q Awareness Day: Jason’s Story

Jason’s story began with a seemingly innocent complaint, ear pain. Concerned for her son, Andrea Salicia vividly remembers the moment she first suspected something was wrong with her son Jason. While feeding him, she noticed that he was twitching, and it didn’t appear to be normal newborn behavior. A few days later, in a terrifying incident, Jason began gasping for air during a feeding, followed by a more severe twitch. Panicked, Salicia rushed him to the Nemours Children’s Hospital, Florida emergency room. It was there that a nurse informed her that Jason’s “twitches” were actually seizures, prompting further investigation. This nurse also thought that he might have a condition called DiGeorge syndrome but didn’t want to say anything until it was confirmed. The medical team then performed a spinal tap and various tests, which led to a diagnosis of 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, also known as 22q or DiGeorge syndrome, at […]

Associate Highlight: Shawn and Tammy

Shawn and Tammy Rolquin are a remarkable couple who share a dedication to making a difference in the lives of children and families. Tammy, a Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) Registered Nurse, and Shawn, the Manager of the Critical Care Transport Team and Transfer Center, both work for Nemours Children’s Hospital, Florida. While they may have distinct roles within Nemours, the pair occasionally find their paths crossing. The surgical department where Tammy works overlooks the helicopter pad and ambulance bay, offering her an exciting viewing point. “When the timing is perfectly aligned for the both of us,” Tammy says, “I can watch Shawn take off or land in the helicopter. We get to exchange a quick wave and a smile. We are both usually quite busy, but this small occasional moment is very impactful and special for us.” Shawn and Tammy met in college through a mutual friend. “His truck broke […]

A Race to Remember: The Philadelphia Marathon

Nemours Children’s Health is the title sponsor for the Nemours Children’s Run as part of the 2023 Philadelphia Marathon Weekend on November 17-19. As part of our commitment to health and wellness, we recently raffled off five complimentary race bibs.  Tom Jones, Sarah Flynn, and Lauren Miller were our lucky winners of the Philadelphia Marathon Weekend race bib raffle! Get to know them with their cool stories below: Meet Tom Jones, Nemours Estate What does it mean to represent Nemours Children’s in this event?  I work over at Nemours Estate and just love my job. I get to work outside every day. It’s such a beautiful place, and I feel that I am a valued member of my team. I love the fact that Nemours is a sponsor at this race, I feel that these events are helping the community and are in line with our mission of well beyond medicine.  What is your favorite music to […]

Warning Signs: Gianna’s Leukemia

Join Gianna’s inspiring journey from a mysterious illness to a leukemia diagnosis, her tailored treatment at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware.

Arianna’s Journey with Bilateral Retinoblastoma (In Mom’s Words)

Para leer este blog en español, haz clic aquí! It all began when Arianna was just one year old. We noticed that one of her eyes was red and had a strange white spot in her pupil. Worried, we took her to her pediatrician, who immediately sensed that something was not right. We were referred to an ophthalmologist and then to a hospital, where she was diagnosed with a large mass in her eye. This mass was pushing her eye outward, so an emergency surgery was performed that same day to remove it. The surgery was successful, or so we thought. However, a few days later, the pathology results delivered the most devastating news: the mass was malignant. It was cancer. Arianna began chemotherapy treatment, going through six exhausting sessions. After that, she was discharged, but unfortunately, proper follow-up was not done to evaluate her other eye. Three years later, […]

Navigating a Childhood Brain Tumor: Ansley’s Story

Katie, a mom from Jacksonville, found herself facing the unimaginable when her daughter, Ansley, was diagnosed with a brain tumor at just 20 months. Their journey led them to Nemours Children’s Health, Jacksonville, where they received exceptional care and support. Ansley’s story began with a sudden and terrifying event — a focal seizure at daycare. She was immediately rushed to the hospital, where she was admitted and underwent a series of tests. The next morning, an MRI revealed the cause of her seizure: a tumor on the right side of Ansley’s brain. It was a devastating diagnosis for Katie and her family, marking the beginning of their fight against childhood cancer. At Nemours Children’s, Ansley had a dedicated team of doctors, practitioners, nurses, and medical staff, led by Dr. Klawinski. Katie emphasized the confidence and reassurance they felt in knowing her child was receiving expert medical care. “You truly feel […]

Celebrating Erin Baker: A Remarkable PT and Advocate for National Physical Therapy Month

This National Physical Therapy Month, we have the privilege of spotlighting Erin Baker, a Physical Therapis (PT) and Assistive Technology Practitioner (ATP) at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Florida. Amber Yampolsky, Nemours Children’s Rehab Manager, Erin’s co-worker, and one of Amber’s direct reports, shares her perspective on what makes Erin such an outstanding Nemours Children’s Physical Therapy team member. Erin and Amber’s journey began before their time at Nemours, back when they were acquaintances working at a different hospital in Central Florida. However, their professional paths converged when they both joined the rehabilitation department at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Florida. Erin’s journey at Nemours began before Amber’s. She arrived with a clear mission: to specialize in Assistive Technology practice within the rehab department. Shortly after, Amber came to Nemours, determined to make a mark in the field of pediatric inpatient rehabilitation. Erin’s dedication is second to none. She has not only specialized in Assistive Technology […]

An Unexpected Illness: Jason’s Story

Jason’s story began with a seemingly innocent complaint, ear pain. Concerned for her son, Andrea promptly scheduled an appointment with their Nemours Children’s Health primary care pediatrician, Dr. John Clore. Initially, the diagnosis appeared to be a mild outer ear infection. However, later that day Jason began vomiting consistently. The family returned to Dr. Clore’s office, who advised them to seek emergency care at our hospital. Little did they know that this visit would mark the start of a challenging journey. Jason was tested for various illnesses, including strep, flu, and COVID-19, but all the results came back negative. It wasn’t until they reached the emergency room at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Florida that the real diagnosis was discovered – strep A in Jason’s bloodstream. Jason developed a rare complication from his infection of severely increased intracranial pressure. This led to constant excruciating head pain and double vision. He was at significant […]

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