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A sticker on the floor reminding people to stay 6 feet apart

We’ll Get Through This Together: Wear Your Mask and Stay Apart

The pandemic has affected our lives for almost a year and many of us have become used to wearing a mask and social distancing. We must keep doing everything we can, and that means staying six — not four — feet apart and wearing a mask properly at all times. We should also encourage others to do the same so we can eventually have a life without the fear of COVID-19. The only way we can get through this is together, but six feet apart, of course!

Expert Question and Answer

Expert Q&A: Returning to School Sports

Dr. Emelynn Fajardo and Dr. Zach Stinson discuss and answer questions about returning to school sports. This broadcast originally aired on Facebook Live.

Cancer During COVID: David's Story

David’s Story: Battling Cancer During COVID-19

David came into our life on March 12, 2019. A beautiful baby boy, David was the perfect addition to our family of now four. In the first months, everything was normal. David was growing fine and hitting each of his milestones. Until one November week, when David wasn’t his normal cheerful 8-month-old self. At first, we blamed it on the antibiotics he had just started a few days prior to treating a “scalp infection” we thought he had. My gut kept telling me something was wrong; this was not the side effect of the antibiotics. David was pale, his stomach was bloated and he refused to eat. We rushed him to the nearest emergency room where they ran blood tests, ultrasounds, X-rays, etc. It was after all the tests came back that the emergency doctor came in to tell us his blood test results. “Your son has cancer.” How did […]

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