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A Holiday Poem from Telehealth

Twas weeks before winter and all through the town,
Not a child seemed well, lots of kiddos feeling down. 
But the telehealth team, with their cameras and gear,
Settled in for long days to ensure they got care.
Care was given with quality, Dr. Schare would approve,
And documented appropriately a Dr. Ho- Epic move.
Dr. Josephson chronicled these effort and learnings, in Telemedicine and E-Health, 
In hopes it would help those interested by sharing the wealth
Of knowledge gained through this innovate work.
And Dr. Ali made sure the residents, and medical students got to share in this perk,
Of All that we’ve learned over this and past years, 
An endeavor to teach them, telemedicine was nothing to fear.
Word spread through the town and new doctors they came,
Dr. Cheng, Dr. Romero, Dr. Cato, Dr. Kernen, by name.
And as the sickness, it spread, a little tired we grew, 
but we knew they were counting on us all, Drs. Chalom, Karch, Barajas, Walker, APRN Gednas and our support team too. 
So, we scheduled and swapped, SOS and split shifts,
So safe care to our patients could be our holiday gift.
Your demanding work, it was noticed by those in the lead,
who was proud and appreciated your commitment and selfless deeds.
We thank you all from the children, and from the depths of our hearts, 
for your dedication, compassion and tirelessly doing your part. 
Celebrate your accomplishments and holiday time with your families with cheer
And THANK YOU to all, until we do it again next year!
Guest Contributor

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