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Beyond Diagnoses: Gaby’s Story

When Gaby was four years old, her family noticed that she was barely talking, was frequently losing her balance, and experiencing severe migraines. After going through many tests, including a sleep study, they found out that she had Chiari malformation. As Gaby continued to grow, her doctors uncovered more diagnoses including scoliosis, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), Tethered Cord, Syringomyelia, secondary Hydrocephalus PTSD, among many others. Gaby was seeing a plethora of doctors and undergoing several different therapies, surgeries, and medications. However, her family was having difficulty finding doctors that specialized in Gaby’s conditions in Tampa. After doing some research, Gaby’s mom, Diana, found Nemours Children’s Hospital, Florida. Their first visit at Nemours Children’s was with the neurology team in Orlando when Gaby was about nine years old. “As a parent who has dealt with so many doctors, I have experienced doctors who don’t even know how to pronounce her […]

World MS Day: Kalianne’s Story

At the young age of 15, Kalianne never expected to receive the challenging diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Overnight, her world changed. When Kalianne woke up sweating with chills and couldn’t feel the right side of her face or body, her dad immediately took her to the local ER. Kalianne was so nervous to be heading to the hospital, she got sick in the car on the way there. Once they arrived, Kalianne was whisked away for blood tests and a CT scan. After looking at her test results, the ER staff concluded that Kalianne was having severe headaches, which was causing the vomiting and other symptoms and then they sent her home. A few days had gone by, and Kalianne’s symptoms continued to worsen. She was experiencing numbness in her face and tongue, her limbs felt heavy, and she was losing the ability to write clearly. After researching her symptoms […]

Raymond’s Story (In Mom’s Words)

My name is Alex Gaudlap. Also known as Raymond’s mom. Our journey with Nemours Children’s Health started in the fall of 2017 when we relocated back to New Jersey from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina due to Raymond not hitting developmental milestones appropriately. The doctors down South assured me Raymond was fine, but my motherly instinct told me he wasn’t. From the moment we stepped foot into Nemours Children’s, I felt like our concerns were listened to. Raymond’s first appointment at Nemours was with a neurologist in the Deptford location. Since we were new patients and basically starting from the beginning with tests, she ordered a routine EEG. We never would have thought that his first test would give us answers, but it did. Raymond was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy; that gave us some indication to why he had a global developmental delay. After receiving the epilepsy diagnosis, […]

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