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Alfred Atanda, Jr., MD

Returning to Sports Safely

9 Tips for Returning to Sports Safely

As states slowly and cautiously remove stay-at-home orders during this global pandemic, and people ease into what is being called the new normal, kids are more than anxious to get back to the sports they love. While restrictions and guidelines differ depending on your state, what should be consistent across the board is the desire to return to “game shape” safely. Back in mid-March of 2020 everything came grinding to a halt. Kids went from 60 to zero as their sports and school activities were canceled en masse. I think it’s fair to say many kids, including my own, became much more sedentary, even joining classes and doing school work right from their own bed in the comfort of their PJs! As the hot weather approaches, and our kids return to sports — whether to emerge on the ball field, jump in the pool, hop on the track, or enter […]

Sorting Out 7 Common Sports Injury Myths, by Alfred Atanda, Jr., MD, Powered by Nemours Children's Health System

Sorting Out 7 Common Sports Injury Myths

“No pain, no gain.” “Walk it off.” “He has a high tolerance for pain.” I’ve heard each one of these quotes and more during my many years as a pediatric orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine. Many of them are actively detrimental to the health of your child, not just at that moment but when they grow into a professional athlete as well. As you already know sports injuries can be life-changing, that’s why many professional athletes take out long term disability insurance in case they are left permanently out of action. Would you be willing to put your child at risk of permanent injury because of a few false preconceived notions you can easily avoid? The answer should always be “no”. How many sports injury myths do you believe to be true? Here’s a list of the most popular things I hear regarding preventing and dealing with sports injuries, […]

Kids and Sports: ACL Tears on the Rise

I don’t think anyone would deny all the benefits of kids playing sports: the social aspect, teamwork, building confidence, improving focus, overcoming obstacles — the list can go on and on. But there are some downsides, perhaps the most obvious being the myriad injuries kids can sustain. And recent studies show that ACL tears, one of the most serious types of knee injuries, are on the rise in athletes (specifically girls) 6–18 years old. With the school year about to start and kids gearing up for fall sports, let’s take a closer look at what causes ACL tears, the symptoms to look out for, and how these common injuries can be prevented. What is the ACL? The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a rope-like band of tissue located in the center of the knee that helps keep the knee stable and from excessively rotating. It actually connects the knee to […]

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