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ADP Celebrates 100th Delivery

One-month-old Jaxson has a lot to celebrate – and he doesn’t even know it yet! Luckily, he will have his onesie that reads “Congratulations 100th Delivery Nemours ADU” to remind him when he’s older. After all, being the 100th baby delivered through the Advanced Delivery Program at Nemours Children’s Health is a pretty big deal. But for now, Jaxson is just happy to be home with his parents, Brianna and Andrew, where they are celebrating Jaxson’s healthy milestones and watching him thrive. Together, with their doctors, Brianna and Andrew made the decision to deliver Jaxson at the Advanced Delivery Unit, a unit designed for healthy moms-to-be whose babies will need complex care from the moment they’re born.

The Advanced Delivery Program was built to provide newborns with care needed immediately after birth while allowing moms to rest and recover just steps from the Neonatal and Cardiac intensive care units. When Brianna was pregnant, doctors discovered a narrowing in Jaxson’s aortic arch, making the ADP the best option for his safe delivery. “All of the doctors and nurses made us feel so comfortable,” said Brianna.

Brianna and Andrew also got to know and take comfort in the other doctors and nurses who helped care for Jaxson during his stay in the hospital, especially nurse Joanna Trickey. “She was beyond amazing,” said Brianna. “We were so blessed and grateful to have her and the delivery team. They all made us feel like family.”

The comfort that Brianna and Andrew found in their medical team helped get them through Jaxson’s 17-day hospital stay and the heart surgery he required when the narrowing in his aortic arch went from mild to extreme just a few days after his birth. Jaxson is now home where he is eating a lot, gaining weight, looking around at everything and recovering well.  He will have follow-up appointments and is expected to continue to do extremely well. “We promised to call up to the Advanced Delivery Program department every time we have an appointment at the hospital,” said Brianna. “They are awesome and want to see how Jaxson is doing and growing. Everyone made us feel so at home that we would absolutely deliver there again. They are phenomenal.”

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