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From Pediatric Cancer Survivor to Aspiring Pediatric Oncologist: Dr. Manny Gonzales’ Comeback Story

At 15, avid runner Manny Gonzales was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Inspired by his physicians, he was determined to not only beat cancer, but to become a pediatric oncologist and devote his life to fight childhood cancer. He’s now in his first year of residency at the same hospital where his life was saved 10 years ago.

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Mother holding smiling baby Jude up

Joy Like Jude

We found hope at Nemours. This is where we learned how to fight. The doctors at Nemours explained the realities of this difficult diagnosis, but they did it in a way that was also filled with hope. They told us that Jude would write his own story. They taught us how to fight for him, care for him and advocate for him. We drive from Charlotte to Wilmington, Delaware for Jude to receive his medical care at Nemours with the incredible team there.

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